Why Peace and Pixels? What’s up with the name?

I have two passions: giving trainings that help people grow & designing visuals that make people awe. It may sound a bit schizo, but practising both disciplines really works for me. Hence, the name: peace for the personal, and pixels for the digital.


PEACE: Certified Trainer and Yoga Teacher

My fascination for conflict led me to specialise in peace, both inner and outer. In my workshops I use a variety of yogic and conflict resolution methods to create laughter, compassion and peace within teams and individuals.
After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Master of Science in Conflict Resolution & Governance from Universities of Amsterdam and Berlin, I worked for various NGO’s who are involved in peace-talks and intercultural dialogue. Today, I combine my practical and effective conflict resolution skills with yogic methods. A hugely powerful combination.


PIXELS: Graphic and Video Design

In my design work I try to capture the atmospheres of events and individuals as I encounter them. No scripts, no staging, but catching situations and people as they present themselves to me and the camera. Each person and project is unique, and so is the design.
I’ve had the pleasure to work with both amazing unknown and renowned persons and institutions, like the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch, The Ritman Library and the University of Amsterdam.